MRI Scan

MRI is a non invasive and non radiation technique to look for any pathology in the body.


  • Cardiac MRI,
  • Fetal MRI,
  • Breast MRI
  • Musculoskeletal MRI

This form of scanning is a result of the amalgamation of magnetic fields and radio waves to produce comprehensive imagery of the human body in order to identify a patient’s ailment with granular accuracy. The images from an MRI procedure are 3- Dimensional bringing in precision to the diagnosis and treatment processes. Thus, MRI Scan is by far an unparalleled mechanism to scan highly complex structures and organs of the human body.

Unlike other forms of scanning such as CT Scans and X-Rays, MRI does not lead to any residual harmful effects caused by radiations. Its radiation free scanning procedure makes it easier and safe for paediatric diagnosis too. it is not only comprehensive and detailed but also offers a better soft tissue demarcation in comparison to CT Scan and X-Rays.

Typically, we at Vedanta entertain both; walk-in and prior appointments, for an MRI procedure. However, for the mere reason of the uncertainty in time required to service every patient, we are inclined to follow the “first come-first serve” policy.

Also known as: MRI Head, MRI of Brain, Brain MRI, 1.5T MRI Brain, 3T MRI Brain, Brain MRI Scan
Test type: Radiology
Department: MRI
Preparation: No Special Preparation Required