3D/4D Ultrasound

Ultrasound (3d/4d)

Specialties: Elastography, 3D/4D USG, Color Doppler, Thyroid USG, Scrotal USG, Musculoskeletal USG

We at Vedanta are mindful of the standards followed and adhere to PNDT guidelines.

One of the most popular, painless and affordable mechanisms used for abdominal scanning is using frequencies higher than the upper audible limits of human hearing commonly known as Ultrasound. These waves possess the property of freely traversing through fluids and soft tissues.

All other physical properties of an ultrasound are similar to those of a “normal” sound except that humans cannot hear it. Thus require special machines to detect its presence and capture images of the inside of a human body.

One of the most widely used tests using the Ultrasound device is Sonography. Ultrasound images, not only depict the structure of the organs but also the movements of the blood vessels. While there are multiple applications of an ultrasound image, the most commonly used application is to monitor the progress of a fetus during pregnancy.